“Clever blacks” are now welcome in the ANC, says Lamola

African National executive member of the ANC, Ronald Lamola say the days of labelling black professionals “clever blacks” are a thing of the past in the ANC. 

Speaking to ANC professionals league members in Mbombela on Saturday evening Lamola said professionals who are within the ANC always felt left out from the party, but plans are now afoot to have them play a role to help the party draw a better future for the country. 

Lamola said the fact that there were people, mostly black, who were once labeled “clever blacks” that means the ANC since 1994 has produced professionals, but they get frustrated as they see their white counterparts eating the wealth leaving them out. 

“The ANC in 1994 had the political freedom and in that also managed to produce few people who participated in the mainstream of the economy and also produced what some labeled “clever blacks” who are you are professionals. For having you that’s means the ANC has worked and yes we agree there was a time where you were left out and you felt deflected within party. 

“Days of what they call clever blacks now are over, we have members of the ANC now who are going to help shape the party and government to better heights,” said Lamola to a loud of applause from the attendees. 

Lamola said the party has done little on the job creation and that has had a negative impact on the economy, however he said that population growth contributed to the problem of unemployment. 

“When the ANC took over government we had 9 million people who were employed and now we have about 16 million which is a number not equaling the population. Because of the population growth there’s somewhere we have missed the point and we are up to fix that now,” said Lamola. 

He also said that black professionals became frustrated as they see their white counterparts enjoying the wealth of the country while they loom through the windows.

“You know I take this as, the ANC have given the black middle class a ladder to go up a window and see how their white counterparts are eating nice inside the bigger economy. There are windows opened for them as blacks and they become so frustrated, now we have one choice to make sure we all participate with our knowledge to get to top of the economic ladder,” said Lamola. 

He also praised former president Thabo Mbeki saying during his period as president in that economic growth in the country was positive, but since 2009 the economic graph was on a downward slope.

“I heard when that president Mbeki was giving figures and diagnosis some argued against him, but let me tell you, I had a chance to look at South Africa on the economic graphs during Mbeki’s time they were going up, the problem started in 2009 when we now have an economy that is stagnant,” said Lamola. 

Member of the ANCPL Dr. Bandile Radebe told the attendees that dialogues amongst the ANC professionals need to be enhanced and held often to look on what is letting the country down. 

“Let’s keep the conversations going, we are going to have more positive outcomes to keep the country going and fight challenges our country is facing,” said Radebe. 

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