ANC deputy president says orgnaisation will get rid of tainted leaders

African National Congress (ANC) deputy president, who is also the country’s deputy president, has warned that the ANC will remove leaders who do not lead the organisation appropriately.

During his campaign trail at Pienaar township outside of Mbombela, community members told deputy president David Mabuza to get rid of tainted leaders and keep those who are honest.

Responding to the community’s call Mabuza promised that the ANC will remove leaders who dent the image of ANC.

“I have heard that you are complaining that ANC leaders are no longer leading you appropriately. We’ve heard you. Not all of them though. Some are still leading properly and others are not. Now what should we do with those who are not leading properly?” he asked.

“Remove them,” said the crowds who attended the ANC election campaign gathering at the Pienaar stadium.

“Oh, you are saying some are right and some are not right, ok? They’ve heard you, we will remove those who are not right and keep those who do right. The ANC hasn’t done anything wrong but leaders are the ones doing wrong.

“Please separate the ANC from individuals who do wrong things. The ANC has been in existence for many years and we don’t even remember what generation we are in the ANC, it’s not the ANC that does wrong but people who are elected or leaders who do wrong things, know that,” said Mabuza.

He also said that there were people within the ANC who want to lead by any means and they don’t sleep trying to achieve that.

“Some people don’t sleep at night they want to be president and deputy president while they see president Ramaphosa is there or Mabuza is there.

“Wait. One day we will leave, wait next time you will get your own seat. There’s nothing nice to be in these positions we work hard, it’s not something to fight for. Some outside of the ANC are looking at us and say we are fighting,” said Mabuza.

He also instructed the Mbombela municipality to address the inadequacy of water supply in the municipality and also threatened to have leaders suffer if they they don’t give water to the public.

“When I came here in the morning I saw mothers carrying buckets going to fetch water, this water issue needs to be fixed. I will beat up someone now here, someone will get hurt. I don’t know who but the Mayor or the speaker can be hurt on this issue,” said Mabuza in SiSwati.

He admitted that there are people who are criminals and some are good within the ANC.

“In the church of the ANC, we have all kinds of people, some are tsotsis (thugs), and some are pastors. So this is your ANC. They all bring their deferences to the ANC so please distinguish between these.

“The ANC will have to work hard to remove all criminals within it so that it can be respected by the people of South Africa. We know that there are people within the ANC whose work is to always lie about other leaders so we have all kinds. Because we are fighting amongst ourselves that’s why they do this,” said Mabuza.

“For the survival of the ANC, I don’t know of one who wants my seat, if there is anyone, then they can take my seat as long as the ANC lives that’s all,” said Mabuza.

“We can’t work for a united South Africa as the ANC if we are divided, so the ANC needs to unite itself before uniting South Africa. And I know the ANC has the ability to unite itself and cleanse foreign elements,” said Mabuza.

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