ANC NEC slates Mpumalanga for failing to resolve matters politically

ANC national executive member, Sibongile Besane has lambasted Mpumalanga ANC for resolving matters through courts instead of politically inside the ANC. He says factionalism is institutionalised within the ANC.

Speaking to ANC members who came to support the provincial executive committee of the ANC outside the Nelspruit magistrates court on Thursday, Besane said the fact that the ANC is in court to defend itself is a sign of how divided the party was.

“Today lawyers inside the court are discussing how divided we are, to be here today there’s no blessing politically but it’s an embarrassment. Whoever wins or loose here there’s no victory but that cements what we really need to resolve as the ANC, we need to defeat factionalism amongst us, said Besane.

It was ANC versus the ANC in the Nelspruit magistrate’s court on Thursday where disgruntled members of the ANC took the provincial executive committee asking the court to nullify the PEC and also disband the Bohlabelo region of the ANC sitting infringement of the ANC constitution.

The branches are blaming the PEC of presiding over bogus branches which also elected the PEC in 2015 and also calls for disbandment of the Bohlabelo region and Ehlanzeni to form one region as their status are currently against the constitution.

According to the ANC’s policy taken at Mangaung in 2012, branches should be aligned to the local government wards and also a region of the ANC should be alongside a district municipality.

However in Mpumalanga both Bohlabelo and Ehlanzeni regions of the ANC fall under Ehlanzeni district municipality, which the branches seek to have that corrected.

Outside and inside the court, the different ANC factions sang struggle songs provoking each other, but that did not deter Besane from condemning the conduct of the leaders in the province.

“We said in Nasrec we need unity and renewal and for unity there are no shortcuts, if you undermine the processes of the ANC you will end up here (in court) and if you undermine the leadership of the ANC you will end up here.

“We are in this court not because we are proud but because we failed to resolve political things politically. Factionalism has been institutionalised in the ANC and it’s not by somebody outside the ANC but it’s us,” said Besane.

Spokesman for the disgruntled branches Jealous Nyalunga, told Ziwaphi that they are finally happy that their matter was dealt with in court.

“For us we been saying once our matter is being heard in court we will be happy because we have exhausted all internal processes of the ANC. We believe that judge Mashile will come to a conclusion favouring us because we have a strong case but the (respondents) have nothing they can say as the matters are constitutional in the ANC,” said Nyalunga.

Judge Brian Mashile said judgement would be ready on the 15th April 2019.

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