The Bold & The Beautiful – “Good riddance”?

There were mixed reactions to the South African Broadcasting Corporation announcement about the removal of the soapie, “The Bold and the Beautiful”, from the public broadcaster’s SABC3 channel.

The New Era/ Ziwaphi asked some of its followers what they thought.

Steve Schormann felt it was financially unsound to buy the soapie’s episodes than to produce a current affairs programme.

“The news is cheaper to air for the SABC than any soapie they have to pay for, he said.

This was corroborated by the SABC in its statement.

“The decision to remove the Bold and the Beautiful was as a result of the property’s poor returns on investment, while the financial investment to acquire the property kept increasing. In response to the current financial challenges facing the SABC, the channel is implementing a programming strategy which aims to ensure that it provides a compelling and entertaining programming that resonates with the audiences. The SABC would like to thank all the viewers who have shown unwavering support for the show since its debut 21 years ago,” said the SABC.

“Good riddance. What did we benefit from that thing mara?” said Khomotso Mohlala. The same sentiments were expressed by Kanego Lewele.

Henry Benjamini Ngwamba said that the episodes that were aired in South African were behind time.

“It’s like a repeat, if I’m not wrong it is behind the current with two years,” he said.

“They did well,” said Mbuso Thumbathi.

“Happy,” said Livhuwani Just.

Petrose Karabo Serakalala bemoaned the departure after watching it for 30 years. Truly speaking, I have been watching that soapie since the year 1989, it used to play at 21:00  in the evening……It got me highly devastated by not seeing it no-more cos I have been loving it a lot more…..I was addicted to it, though I also watch South African Soapies as well……” he said.

Another reader didn’t bother watching TV at all.

“I don’t watch TV so I don’t really care much. If it was a reality show maybe I would be interested to watch,” said Lee Ntshabele.

Others had a humorous take.

“Kukho oZodwa nje kungenxa kaBrook. (Zodwa (Wabantu) is there because of Brook),” said Wara Fana.

In a statement, the SABC said that they were pulling the plug off the once popular soapie and replacing it with a current affairs programme.

“Will not be able to see the show from the 4thof March . The SABC has announced that it will be replaced by a news and current affairs programme, Democracy Gauge,” said the SABC.

Simon Pamphilon had a light-hearted take of the decision.

“They’re replacing The Bold and the Beautiful with The Brazen and the Corrupt? From soap opera to horror story,” he said.


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